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Communication "Traditional" & "Digital"

Updated: Jan 26

So now we’re talking communication. The two types are “Traditional” and “Digital” communication.

Traditional communication is more in the way of written and printed public relations. WHO are we trying to reach? HOW will our communications be executed? WHERE will it land? It’s working out the logistical landscape of the information you are trying to send out, and actually putting it in the right hands.

Need A Communication Specialist?

Digital Communication is the type that exists in the realm of the internet.

  • Social media

  • Infographics

  • Google

  • K12 Websites

In today’s world, it is imperative for K12 schools to employ a two-pronged approach to communication. When done effectively it is a seamless blend of traditional public relations reinforced with the creative approach of digital communication. In an effort to cover all bases, it is important to use separate, but united teams to both operate in their areas of expertise to get all of the information, to everyone in a targeted audience. K12 Media does that. Our teams can do everything from website conversions and social media management, to traditional in person consultations. Our teams are people that work or have worked in and around schools and understand the management and the execution of school public relations in all of its forms.

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