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Stop Wasting Time

& Resources on School Social Media

We can help you manage your district's reputation with expert social media content that boosts enrollment, passes bonds, & builds a bridge of connection across the school community (without the headache).

Tired of struggling with social media for your school?

You're not alone.


Most schools lack the time, resources, and expertise to effectively manage their online presence. This leaves them with:

  1. Inconsistent posting: Leaving your audience confused and engaged

  2. Generic content: Failing to stand out from the competition

  3. Negative comments and online drama: Draining valuable time and resources

What if you could...

  1. Boost enrollment: Attract new families with a vibrant online presence showcasing your school's unique strengths.

  2. Pass bonds and initiatives: Gain community support by effectively communicating your vision and achievements.

  3. Build a thriving school community: Foster positive relationships with students, parents, and teachers through engaging content.

  4. Save time and resources: Free up your staff to focus on what matters most - educating students.

Introducing K12 Media's Social Media Management for Schools:

We're not your average social media agency. Our team is comprised of school experts who understand the unique challenges and opportunities schools face online.

Here's what we do:

  • Daily, engaging content creation: We tell your school's story in a positive, safe, and continuous way.

  • Beautifully branded graphics: Make your school stand out with eye-catching visuals.

  • Social media monitoring and engagement: We monitor comments and questions.

  • Integrated and back-end support: We seamlessly integrate with your existing systems for a smooth workflow.

The results speak for themselves:

  1. 97% higher traffic for school bond: Get the community on board with your initiatives.

  2. 87% growth in event participation: Increase engagement with school activities.

  3. 78% decline in negative comments: Focus on positive stories and build trust.

  4. 64% fewer negative emails: Let us handle the online conversations, freeing up your time.

  5. 53% growth in enrollment: Attract new families with a strong online presence.

  • 95% of all teens 12-17 are online, and 81% of those use some form of social media.

  • 74% of all adults use social media networking sites. 45% of adults 65 and older use Facebook. That’s three-quarters of your parent population!


That's not all! 
We'll also show you why Twitter isn't the best fit for most schools (and offer better alternatives).



Stop wasting time and resources on social media.

Let K12 Media handle it for you, so you can focus on what truly matters - educating the future generation.

Limited-time offer: Sign up today and get a free six pack of infographics (Month-to Month contract cancel anytime.)

Click the button below to schedule a meeting and claim your free infographics!

P.S. Spots are limited, so don't miss out!

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Limited Time Offer...

Sign up today and get a free six pack of infographics (Month-to Month contract cancel anytime.)

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