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What do we help schools do?


K12 Public Relations have changed so much over the last 10 years. Today K12 PR teams should know both traditional communication strategies and digital communications.

Partnering PR & Digital Communications 

  Public Relations 

  • Communication Plans

  • PR Calendars

  • Positive Media Presence

  • Crisis Prevention Plans

  • Bonds/Sinking funds

  • District Spokesperson


   Digital Communications 

  • Social Media Manager

  • Website Content/Google Friendliness

  • Content Creation(Video/Photo)

  • Enrollment Lead Generation

  • Digital Bond Campaigns

  • Graphic Design


During a Crisis 

In times of crisis, several key activities must occur in a timely fashion. They include, but are not limited to, the following:

 1. Communicate to key internal audiences

  • Develop a preliminary statement that includes what has happened and what is the immediate response. 

  • Develop a script for people answering phone calls. 

  • Disseminate accurate information to staff, building representatives, district leadership, union/association local and state affiliates, district communications departments, and other schools. 

2. Communicate with families 

  • Initiate a crisis plan parent notification system. • Determine how, when, and where families will be reunited. 

  • Provide a script for students to text to parents with facts (as known) and guidance on what parents are to do. 

3. Begin external communications 

  • Contact local leaders.

  • Communicate with appropriate state and local agencies. 

  • Contact the school district attorney, if there is one, in case a legal situation arises out of the crisis. 

4. Manage media relations. 

  • Establish a media briefing area. 

  • Work with law enforcement to set a designated area and perimeter for media. 

  • Identify the spokesperson (site-based or district official). 

  • Develop an initial media release. 

  • Control rumors by getting facts out as soon as information is verified.

Day to Day Hours

This includes, but is not limited to, your choice of:

  • Blocks of PR consulting hours (Phone calls, Meetings, Representation)

  • Developing and implementing an annual communications plan.

  • Developing a public relations calendar

  • Crisis Communication Plan

  • Directing bonds, sinking funds and non-homestead millage campaigns

  • Providing professional development for administrative staff regarding various communication topics.

  • Writing, designing, and distributing publications


Your schools will need way more than just a Public Relations specialist. K12 Media can provide everything you need, from help with bonds to enrollment revenue, at a fraction of the cost!


We are so excited that you are looking into public relations for your schools. Whether you are just a small school without a PR department or a large district needing some extra support for your team, we understand that you are not only communicating with students and families, but also board members, lunch technicians, alumni, and maintenance crews. This means you know the importance of communicating not only messages, responses to questions, and problems solved long before a crisis even happens in your schools.


Adding one of K12 Media's Public Relations consultants to your schools not only cuts down on costs significantly, but also connects you to the best content managers, digital marketers, and engagement specialists in public schools. As you already know, schools need a PR specialist, but now more than ever, K12 communities must also partner with teams who know how to get the most out of social media, school websites, content management, and Google. Promoting a school bond, enrollment, initiative, or program no longer happens by just sending emails or postcards. It is not cost-effective for districts to hire full-time PR specialists, content managers, videographers, digital marketers, graphics designers, copywriters, and website specialists. Let K12 media become your one-stop shop for school media and communication.


We are going to make sure your district's stories, programs, and events are being noticed all over your community. In having your own K12 PR specialist, we will be working tirelessly on your behalf to make sure communications are clear and problems are solved.


After calculating your estimated monthly recommended hours for a district of your size. (The scope of the recommendation is based on number of students, staff, and schools in your district.)


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