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Dealing with the MEDIA


School Communication in a Crisis

When the local media approaches YOU...

Feeling overwhelmed by the media? Introducing "Bump and Run" - a simple yet effective technique to help school leaders confidently navigate media inquiries.


In today's fast-paced media environment, school leaders are often faced with the challenge of handling sensitive and sometimes difficult questions from reporters. Whether it's addressing a controversy, responding to test scores, or explaining a new policy, effective media communication is crucial for maintaining a positive public image.


That's where "Bump and Run" comes in. This straightforward technique provides school leaders with a framework for crafting clear and concise responses to media inquiries, even in the face of tough questions.

Scenario 1

Tell me about the contaminants found in the drinking water at your school.

School Administrator:  
Bump: At this time we are still awaiting the results of the testing being conducted by our county health department, so I'm unable to answer your question directly.  
But what I can tell you is that we've turned off our water fountains and are supplying bottled water for students and staff.  

Run: As soon as we know the source of the issue, we will communicate with our families and staff and will work hand in hand with the appropriate officials to develop a plan to address the problem. Only when we have fully verified that the water is staff to drink will we resume access

Scenario 2


We have received information that the district has fired a long-time football coach for racist comments made during a pre-game speech to players. Is it true?

School Administrator:  

First, please clarify your question. Are you inquiring about the termination of the coach or the allegations regarding racist comments?





School Administrator:  
Bump: First, I can confirm that Coach ________ is no longer employed by the district. However, I cannot address your second question due to the sensitive and confidential nature of personnel matters.

Run: I can tell you, however, is that racism of any nature is not and will not be tolerated in ______________ Public Schools. We are fully committed to assuring a safe, supportive, and inclusive environment for our students and staff. We will take swift and immediate action in any situation regarding racism, sexism, harassment, and other inappropriate and unacceptable behaviors. 

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Scenario 3


While analyzing this year's test scores, there seems to have been a significant drop off in student achievement compared to last year. Why is that?

School Administrator:  
Bump: Academics are our business; of course, we want students to achieve. But, a single test score does not tell the entire story.  

Run: What's important to note is that multiple assessments are utilized throughout the school year to determine where students are in their learning. We will do a deep dive into the scores and develop and implement a plan to improve student achievement across the board. Our commitment to the success of every student remains as strong as ever.

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Scenario 4


You claim you need the community to support a bond for significant improvements to the high school and middle school. What do you say to parents of students in the elementary buildings? They aren't getting anything from this bond; why should they support it?

School Administrator:  
Bump: It's true that the school district has needs across multiple buildings, but we recognize that we must go to voters over time for improvements to our facilities as we do not want to seek a tax increase.

Run: What's truly important to recognize is that the school district continues to be fiscally responsible and conservative with tax-payer dollars because we know how hard our citizens work for their money. Our financial goals are well established:  Invest in our students while maintaining competitive wages for our staff so that we can attract the best talent to the district. Passage of the bond and investment in our facilities will assure that we support what we've already built.

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