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The way to get students in your schools is through strong enrollment initiatives and campaigns. Plain and simple. We at K12 schools must strive to build successful enrollment campaigns that will fill desks and hallways in your district.

Video Content

Having just a video motion graphic or photo will not necessarily bring students to your schools. Using great storytelling wrapped around the great things in your schools will drive up engagement. Content should start with a 2 minute promo for your website, 1 minute edit, and 30 edit for social media and even a 14 second clip for Facebook stories.

Getting the Lead

Lead Generation is a state-of-the-art data collection tool that we use to boost your enrollment numbers. It specifically targets prospective families through the use of geographic and demographic information

Retarget Prospective Leads

If we notice someone glanced at your school’s content, we will retarget that specific person to see if we can let them know about your school programs again.

Retarget Prospective Leads

After we create amazing content celebrating your schools, we add a district branded form fill at the bottom of every social media post. When prospective families engage with your school’s content; their name, phone number, and email address will automatically generate on their on the form. Then they are asked if they would like to submit that information to your district.

Making the CALL is so important!

Once they click yes, this information is emailed directly to a district admin. From there it is extremely important that the district personally call and ask the family to come visit their schools. A simple email will not cut it! If you call, they will come!

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