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Websites for EDUCATION?

With years of experience and dedicated professionals behind the scenes, we can pull off (just about) anything.



Schools do not have to labor over moving their website. Our job is to partner with your new CMS host to help design and migrate your schools content to a your new site. While building your site we will tie in your brand, check for compliance, and make sure your generating traffic with social media and Google Analytics. Keep in mind you will save thousands of dollars in moving and designing your new site partnering with K12. k 12 media will provide an ADA compliant, responsive and engaging site We offer discounted design prices from leading K12 CMS providers.

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We fully manage district sites. What this means is our monthly service packages include anything from basic copy changes to new module design mockups on the main page of your site. We use your current content management system to manage basic content.  

- Page builds

- Copy Changes

- Alerts & Announcement

- Module Design
- Form Creation
- Image and Video Changes 

We fully communicate with your host provider so your schools can go on teaching students. 


If 'dated” is the word that comes to mind when looking at your school’s websites, we can help! Let us partner with your CMS provider and we will handle the heavy lifting, find a design that fits your school's brand and make sure your site is cost effective.



We partner with CMS providers that build websites that anyone can update. Students, teachers and administrators this can all be done on a cell phone! Or if you are too busy teaching, we offer full website management services. We can handle all your day-to-day website content.

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K12 Media will also handle all the creative content on your school's websites. We love coming to your classrooms to capture images and video so your website will highlight all the great things you have to offer.


It is important to foster an inclusive environment at every school for all students, parents, and staff. The same should be said for your school’s website! Web accessibility means that your website is inclusive for all visitors, removing any hurdles that prevent website activity to those with disabilities.

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