We Know Video!

Our first video! It's dated, but we still love it! It won a state award


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- Capture your school's story
- Post on social media 
- Add lead generation 
- Welcome new families

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Tell Your Schools Story

All schools have great people and great programs. Lets tell everyone!

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Promote healthy food and good people!

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12.5K Views Boost


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Program Promos 

Have something BIG EVERYONE should know!

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Video Series!

This district used 10 videos to highlight all their school programs.

24K Views Boost



Show off your programs make winners out of all students!

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Technology in schools 

10.8K Views Organic



Make your school leader a "Kenny" using an iPhone.  Everyone will know who you are and have no problem trending with your school's programs.  


Make some basic content with an iPhone, gimble and wireless audio mic that let everyone know what is going on in your schools. Let us show you! 


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