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We engage K12 communities, parents, students and staff by creating, managing, or migrating digital content for schools and other Ed industries.

Our mission is to keep K12 schools trending with relevant, engaging, and targeted content. Making sure a school’s first front door to the digital world draws in new families, gets the community on board, 

helps raise funds, and builds programs. If schools are looking to communicate with their community, we can help create content that will get their message in front of the right people, in the right place, and at the right time. We help tell K12 stories so that the community knows exactly what's trending in schools today! We can make the most out of school websites, SEO, ads and social media performance with ongoing campaigns that help schools produce amazing enrollment results with LEAD GENERATION.

shawn2-004 (2).jpg
Shawn Patterson

Founder- K12 Media 

Special Ed teacher for 18 years.  Administrator of special needs summer camp owned by the Department of Education. Owner of "Family Supports," special needs support organization.  Promotions for Graddic Orphanage Haiti.

joel photo.jpg
Joel Sellentine

Director of K12 Marketing and Digital Ad Spend 

Went to school for teaching and learned I could affect more children in a different way. Advantage Fundraising- Helped thousands of schools achieve funding goals across the U.S.
Traveling Teams Helped millions of student-athletes attend sporting events across the U.S.

scott sample.jpg
Scott Sample

Director of Sales & Operations 

Public School administrator, teacher and co-founder of Metro Kids (one of the largest church programs for kids in Detroit). ​

Kevin Wright

Project Manager
K12 Websites 

Instructional coach for public schools for 15 years.
Currently, IT specialist for K12 schools.  ​

Erik Hildebrandt

Content Creator/ Director 

15 years of experience creating content for churches, youth groups and kids programs with an attendance of thousands weekly!  Promotions for Little Dresses for Africa and Rain Catchers Haiti

Halley Karas

Content management and SEO

Previously the head of accounts management at Traveling Teams, a youth sports and travel organization servicing thousands of families for youth athletic programs that are used by K12 schools. 

Josh Bellers


12 years of content experience for non-profit, churches, youth groups, and local businesses (Including branding, web development, social media campaigns, and large event promotions. 


Audio Engineer 

Audio engineer on movie sets, rock videos, arena sound and large events.
Sound Studio owner-operator for music and voice talents, podcasters and commercial cut audio. ​

cari sink.jpg
Cari Sinke

Account Specialist & Content Manager  

10 years of experience in K12 public schools. Specializing in communications, social media campaigns, graphic design, school enrollment, planning, and promoting events.

Russell Yandura

Graphics Specialist
K12 Sites & Social 

Video, motion graphic and content development for local businesses, nonprofits and streaming services like Hulu and Netflix . ​

aaron photo.jpg
Aaron Helendar

Content Manager 

Swim coach for 11 years, volunteered for OU CARES which teaches kids with autism. Learning coach at the Baldwin Center helping foster a love for learning in children through after school programs. ​

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